These orcs were invited in!

Not all migrants assimilate. Some become dangerous, destructive and must be fought and driven out. This has happened before.

The Invited Orcs (Herefordshire 1051)

New Orcs they were invited in,
They simpered much of ‘Peace’.
With souls so steeped in guile and sin
Deceits might never cease.

A new king like old Vortigern
Took in each every lie.
Ah, fools why can you never learn;
It’s through you many die.

The Rapes and Deaths each are excused,
Advisors face a gag.
And innocence it is abused
As old Orcs lie and brag.

Grim Reapers reap a bounteous crop,
Yet fools don’t understand.
Where fools have risen to the top;
The put at risk the land.

Yet Truth at end is not denied,
But that may come too late.
When by the grave sides many cried;
This was not down to Fate!

Yes fools they bring their own demise
Through folly all their own.
When they believe deceit and lies;
They lose their land and throne.

© Trevor Morgan, 25/4/19

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