The “free-verse” curse

Throughout the last century poets have been usurped.
Real poetry must have structure and form. These can include meter, rhyme or alliteration, etc.. A random row of words may be meaningless or it may be prose, it cannot be poetry.
Comparing a pile of uncarved, unfinished rock to a medieval cathedral shows this. Both are stones laid one upon the other. One is a heap of rock the other is beautiful architecture.
As smoke has no lasting form so free-verse will be forgotten in time. It is a shame to me that I have had to live through this great deception, but then deception is in fashion in so many things.
I was today, once again, pointed towards free-verse and told that was how I should write.
I told the charlatan to “piss off” and wrote this.


The “free-verse” curse

Free-verse is such a lingering curse,
It apes what it is not.
Each year I fear it gets far worse;
This rhymeless awful rot!

Free-versers claim each is a bard,
Their self-deception’s real.
As real verse is far too hard
The “poet’s” name they steal!

Rhythm and rhyme they aid recall,
They have since time of old.
At end all free-verse has to fall,
For they’re so drab and cold.

I’ve lived long through this lingering curse
That apes what it is not.
Each year I hear it getting worse;
This ooze like formless snot!

© Trevor Morgan, 15/6/2018

Note: Any aspiring poet beware, most poetry competitions are only interested in free verse or they award prizes to their mates. Deception is total and everywhere. To yourself stay true and earn a living elsewhere. Poetry just does not pay.