The stain of trauma

Media reporters can write such twaddle.
In a recent report on the news a reporter stated that the survivors of a fire needed “emergency treatment for PTSD”. Apart form a drug induced stupor no emergency treatment exists.
It takes years to come to terms with traumatic events and for many the escape, sadly, is through suicide.
Who teaches the media to be so unthinking and so trite?


The stain of trauma

Trauma may leave a darker stain,
A certain special scent.
Now once that’s burned into your brain,
Somehow it won’t relent.

Now there’s reminders everywhere
That brings it back to mind.
And where there’s things we cannot share,
Then life becomes a grind.

We can smell things that aren’t at hand,
Flashbacks burn in the brain.
Tormented minds just cannot stand
The trauma and its stain.

False scents seem true to haunted men
Whose torments won’t relent,
And they are only ended when
All of life’s force is spent.

Survivors carry such a cost,
Too much for some to stand.
And when it seems all hope is lost;
They die by their own hand!

Why do we let our young men die,
In so much pointless strife?
Though many more are wasted by
A long but blighted life.

© Trevor Morgan, 5/5/2018

From: “Tales of wars to come”

For myself I have found that it is the sense of smell that can bring on a flashback. It seems it is our most primeval of senses.