Sonnet – Final Despair

Many leave us in despair for what they had not done;
Live today try not to be despondent.


Sonnet – Final Despair

He gazed upon a shipwreck and he saw it was his life
With all the bits of Hope along the shore
For Fate it seems she likes to twist the knife,
A missed chance passed beyond him like before.
Ambition was in bits like flotsam now;
Each little piece like what just might have been
Turned his beach to a sort of mess somehow;
This was a thing he wished he had not seen.
To seek to do good work leads to a fall,
To strive with might and main a pointless thing,
To dream you might achieve a siren’s call;
It’s life not death that bears the poison sting!
The earth it spiralled on about the sun,
This dying microbe grieved for things not done.

© Trevor Morgan, 9/6/2018

From: “Tales of Aethelflaed, Lady of the Mercians”