Woden’s Day (Wednesday)

The British Royal Family can traced back through the kings of Wessex.
In the regnal lists of the House of Wessex their first king, Cerdic, was crowned at Winchester somewhere around the year 519AD. There is a list continuing back many generations. In this list is WODEN or Odin.
Strange as it seems their predecessors claimed descent from a northern European god!
We have lots of ripping yarns about Odin and his times.

It also explains to me the origins of a “D” in the spelling of Wednesday, it’s Woden’s Day


Woden’s Day

“To understand strange Woden then
Like mist held in your hand,
Seems now beyond the realm of men
And who would build on sand?

Was it by magic or through Fate
That he secured his way?
Ah, was he grand, ah, was he great,
That he should hold such sway?

There was a day when he would die
Killed by a monster beast.
His orphans though they will not sigh,
For life will not have ceased.

He’d been their guide in yester years
As old spheres failed and died.
Supporting us through all our fears
When wives and children cried.

His guiding hand seemed always there,
Was with us when we fought.
Supporting us in dark warfare
With lessons that he taught.

But Woden’s day would come then go
As time flows on apace.
Beyond the depths of deadly woe
We sought a better place.

Across the land across the sea
His wisdom was our guide
And when from fear we were set free,
He was there at our side.

He echoes from an ancient time,
Ah, happy times were those.
He kept our kinfolk in their prime,
Through all the depth of woes.

So understand strange Woden then,
Like mist held in your hand.
He seems beyond the realm of men,
Yet seek – and understand!

© Trevor Morgan, 17/4/2018
From: “The Children of Gewis”
Woden’s Day

The people of Wessex were originally called the Gewissae.

The kings amongst the Gewissae , or the
Regnal Lists of the Cerdicingas (Early Kings of Wessex)

Woden begat Baeldaeg
Baeldaeg begat Brand
Brand Begat Freothogar
Freothogar begat Freawine
Freawine begat Wig
Wig Begat Gewis
Gewis begat Esla
Esla begat Elesa
Elesa begat Cerdic
Cerdic begat Cynric
Cynric begat Cutha and Caewlin
Cutha begat Ceolwulf and Ceola
And Ceola begat Cynegils and Cwichelm
Cynegils begat Centwine

Source: Anglo-Saxon Chronicles