Sonnet – Dylan Sings Eternally

In Welsh mythology Dylan sang so beautifully his voice did not die.
It is still heard in the winds over the Severn Sea.
It is a good choice of name for a singer with a beautiful voice, but perhaps not for any average singer.


Sonnet – Dylan Sings Eternally

So Dylan drifts about and softly sings
Off coasts he can be heard in calm or squall.
His fingers may have ceased to pluck the strings,
His gods it seemed had gone, had met their fall.
Yet Dylan seems content, his songs lived on;
The winds across the Severn Sea hum sweet.
This poet, this great bard, cannot be gone
So long as folk have hearts, good hearts that beat
And souls that seek to soar up with the birds
Proclaiming out aloud, of life, of love,
Of all that may be said with rhythmic words
That like the birds soar everywhere above.
There’s more than merely words within a lay;
Through poesy and through song Love’s on display.

© Trevor Morgan, 8/6/2018