Sonnet – Stains on Spring

As a child I was told never to pick a dandelion.
If I did I would wet the bed.
Strange children should have been told that. I wonder why?
Strange also that some creeds seethe with hate amid all the beauty of nature and the verdant glow of spring


Sonnet – Stains on Spring

Here is that verdant green that comes with Spring.
The primrose and the bluebell bloom in turn,
Yet, nettles grow so tall and bear their sting.
The sun grows warm but as yet does not burn.
Great clumps of ‘piss the bed’ are blooming bright,
With daisies, how they grow amid the grass.
All this here to the eye’s a welcome sight.
But sad souls may not heed them as they pass.
The world may warm with sights of Spring on show;
How sad for some this may have come too late.
For them no more this wondrous Spring aglow,
For they are never free from wrath and hate.
Ah, springtime in this island’s here again;
How sad it is that some folk bear a stain!

“Piss the bed” is a colloquial name for dandelion (taraxacum vulgaria)

© Trevor Morgan ,7/6/2018

From: “Tales of Aethelflaed, Lady of the Mercians”