Fairy Ring Song

I loved the stories of Fairies told by my sweet Grangran when I was little.
I was told not to step into a fairy ring, and if I walked into one by accident there was a ritual that might save me. I was five at the time but remember that story and especially the way she told it.
So I incorporate this lyric in a longer work


Fairy Ring Song

“We dance within each fairy ring
We knew each fairy’s name
Now as we dance we have to sing
For this is not a game

Once in the ring do make a wish
But keep it to yourself
Turn round three times ‘til skirts go swish
And that keeps out the elf

When in the presence of the fey
All have to sing in rhyme
For if the fairies get their way
You’re carried off through time

And what may seem an hour or two
Could be a hundred year
And those you love will then miss you
You cause each bitter tear

Turn round three times step backwards now
Go out where you came in
And as you leave do give a bow
That way the fey won’t win”

© Trevor Morgan, 7/6/2018

From: “Tales of Aethelflaed, Lady of the Mercians”