Sonnet – Honeysuckle Sweet

I sensed the scent of Honeysuckle in the air last night.
This is a season of flowers and I love it.


Sonnet Honeysuckle Sweet

As in a hedge the Honeysuckles grow
Entwining round about each branch and twig.
Its flowers blossom forth in wondrous show
And there’s few shrubs that may well grow so big
That Honeysuckle cannot reach its crown
And put forth scent that calls out to each moth
To seek and drink its sweetest nectar down.
Like balm this sweetness takes away all wrath,
But Honeysuckle may not yet grow free;
It seems it needs support to gain great height,
Perchance this is the way that thing must be
And yet it is most comely to the sight.
For Honeysuckle is the hedgerow’s queen
And never was a finer sight yet seen.

© Trevor Morgan, 5/6/2018