The Stream from the Holy Well

There are “Holy Wells” all around the South West of England
There may be nothing in this.
However, the nearby village of Holywell Lake has not war memorial.
This is because of all its men who went to the World Wars, all came home.
So, no memorial was needed.
Nice story that, sadly, Wellington has a memorial with many names upon it


The Stream from the Holy Well

The stream seems to chuckle
As it flows round the stones.
The foal starts to suckle
‘Neath pine with its cones.

The waters flowed here
Through the aeons of time.
The wagtails appear
And seem in their prime.

While water weeds wave
In these currents below,
The Wagtails won’t brave
The stream’s deepest flow.

They’ll feed by the edge
Or by every stone.
Then flee to their hedge
When they’re not alone.

There’s moths on the bark
Of the lofty pine tree.
There’s a song of the Lark;
It’s good to be free.

© Trevor Morgan

From: “Tales of Aethelwulf of Lyng”