Sonnet – Loki Awoke

I find the character of the Norse “god” Loki fascinating.
The Norse actually called the beings of Asgard powers and not gods. Loki was associated with fire, mischief and cunning. The other powers imprisoned him for him telling each of them their faults. When he escapes then a final battle begins.
A good ripping yarn and perhaps there’s more to it…

Loki in chains

Loki Awoke

On high there glowed a comet in the sky
And storm clouds towered there far in the West.
The waning Moon looked sad and seemed to cry,
The watchman in the cold felt past his best.
The white crests on the waves far out at sea
Now beckoned like some portent in a storm.
A ship was driven on rocks there to the lea
And all about things seemed to change their form.
The sea turned from a highroad to a grave
And in the grove the wind tore down the ash.
The brave became all meek, the meek turned brave.
The branches of the oak tree seemed to thrash
Confirming all the words that prophet spoke:
Right there within his lair – Loki awoke!


© Trevor Morgan, 2017

From: “Tales of Glimmering Lights”