Sonnet – Parnell

A great Irish politician was brought low and died.
Parnell was a great champion of Irish Home Rule.
He was defeated in his objectives by the prudery of his day.
He died of pneumonia soon after his fall.
Defeat can be debilitating and we were left with one of the big “if only’s” of Irish and British history.


Sonnet – Parnell

Dawn-time in morning awakens the mind,
You’ve travelled through dreams that flutter and change.
When dream-time’s a’fading day can seem unkind,
For wake-time it seems is curious and strange.
The hint of a murmur may whisper your name,
That is the way that the cowards may scheme.
By dint of a rumour you’re brought to shame,
Whilst whisperers fade just like a lost dream.
Windows a’glint with the dark of the day;
The smile of the traitor, the frown of a friend,
& though there’s a hint of what you must pay,
The wake-time deceives you right to the end.
When soul took flight away from the scheming,
It found a new height in the place o’the dreaming.

© T. Morgan 2003