Many are marked like Cain

Few can walk away from traumatic events unmarked.
Some show scars you can see and some have scars you cannot see.


Many are marked like Cain

As those words flow out through the pen,
Nought show what’s in the heart.
They’re written down time and again,
But only tell a part.

They hide the hurt that’s deep within,
They’ll not reveal all pain,
Nor tell of every secret sin;
Nor take away the stain.

Where souls are marked and souls are marred,
The damage has been done.
Where what was soft has been made hard;
We hide the smoking gun.

Once Abel fell before the blow
Of his sad brother Cain.
No lessons ever learned, you know
And many bear that stain.

Yet what is done can’t be undone;
The world goes spinning on.
Though there’s new wonders ‘neath the sun,
They are not for the wan.

© Trevor Morgan 17/4/2018