The longest night

Strange how when nothing happened it can leave a vivid memory.
Being powerless as things go on about you has a very special sort of dread about it.

single star

The longest night

A single star shone in the night
Above the Sula Sea.
We stayed down low quite out of sight;
Yet, what would be, would be.

We heard the fighting there inland
To west and east as well.
That shining star seemed oh, so grand
Here at the gates of Hell.

In darkness there we all lay still
And not a word was said.
Nights there are so warm, not chill;
More stars shone overhead.

No matter all the care you take,
Your training and your skill.
Despite all of the plans you make,
One odd stray round will kill.

A lone sea gull let out a cry,
A strange sound in that night.
Some great events they passed us by
Far off and out of sight.

Those thunders echoed far away,
The clatter of each shell.
Now in my mind there was no doubt,
We’d passed so near to hell.

But cold fear raged within my gut,
There in that humid heat.
My soul was stuck there in that rut;
And Hope was in retreat.

All’s cold there in that void of fear;
With future gone from sight.
There’s nothing calm there’s nothing clear,
That was the longest night.

© Trevor Morgan, 18/4/2018