Whitehall and Westminster

There is much that is rotten in the heart of our nation.
I have lobbied and lost too often.
It took years to lobby to stop using agent orange as a weed killer in school playgrounds.
I lobbied for school and college educational radio stations and watched as this was denied and four groups got over 90% of all licenses issued and small community stations were forbidden to carry any advertising making them financially unviable.
[Jimmy, Richard, Ralph and Michael (a quite important man) seemed to be influential in these four groups]
This rot ought be cut out. Shame on them all.


Whitehall and Westminster

Whitehall think that they know best,
Westminster think they know better.
Perversely these oafs only jest
When they say: “Write us a letter”.

Your cause may be good and be just,
Your vision so clear and so true,
But this lot will grind you to dust;
For they know, they know better than you.

If you must, then go lobby away,
Be persistent when they proudly sneer.
There’s one thing that may win the day
And that’s when you cause them to fear.

Fear that they’ll lose an election.
Fear that the cash cow will dry up.
‘Til then you’ll face pure rejection;
And who wants to drink from that cup.

Westminster is governed by pelf,
Whitehall’s like a thief in the night.
Each there only care for their self
And all seem most driven by spite.

© Trevor Morgan, 17/4/2018


I see no change for the better in our rotten system. The curse is loyalty to party.