Virtue signallers

There’s a lot of virtue chucked in your face these days.
I don’t think its a mask for villainy. It is more a mask to hide emptiness within. It signals a sad soul seeking some hope in what are at core fallacies.


Virtue signallers

Now, Smugness it has an allure.
The Self-righteous, they do as they please.
It seems that there may be no cure;
So, others are left ill at ease.

In their folly the Smug “know it all”;
Their piety is pure, puffed up pride.
Now pride may well lead to the fall:
And the chasm ahead’s gaping wide!

False virtue is signalled up front;
No substance, but such a display!
When questioned they barely can grunt
For deep thought is just not their way.

To signal great virtue is folly,
For virtue is shown in each deed.
Observing each crash, I feel jolly,
And laugh as I watch the stampede.

Oh, why must some put on a show?
Why try to be more than you are?
When ignorant just say you “Don’t know”;
For the truth can be safer by far.

© Trevor Morgan, 16/4/2018


I was present when the LibDems won Sheffield City Council after decades of Labour bullying and misrule. They had sounded so sound in their criticisms of the waste and the incompetence in opposition. The had signalled their “virtue” so well and it was all empty. I almost felt tempted to dedicate this poem to Peter Moron their bully in chief.
They then continued along the same path of incompetence, bullying and misrule and waste.
Then they were subsequently sent into oblivion and Sheffield is back to one party Labour misrule.
I am so glad I got out of town.