Fear of things unseen

I like a misty morning.
However, when things go bump in the night…


Fear of things unseen

“The swirling mists wrapped round each tree,
The day grew warm and bright.
Now mists might fade that we may see
In clear and sweet sunlight.

But what we see may cause dismay
Or ravage folk with harm.
So mists that hide such things away
May seem a good luck charm.

The mist it drifted in the vale
It wrapped about each tree.
It has no form, is damp, is pale,
Through it there’s nought to see!

It seems to be of little harm
And yet it hides from sight
Things that when seen may cause alarm
And cause such hurt and plight.

Where evil may not seek us out
Life may remain secure.
Such shrouding mists that drift about
May hold a sweet allure.

The distant echo of some bird
When startled into flight,
Never here ought go unheard,
They’re portents of some plight.

A rustle that is heard close by
Ought be a cause for fear,
For none may know when they might die
With danger ever near.”

Trevor Morgan

From: “The children of Gewis”