Sonnet Deformed not Natural

Societies can be harmed by the tyranny of a minority.
This has happened before in history


Deformed not natural

Some cultures grow that are quite ill at ease
And cannot face the facts where they cause woe.
Where they can they will do just as they please,
They’re greater risk to allies than to foe.
Up-front’s a friendly face as false as lies,
Insides a twisted soul that frights itself
Complaining all the time aloud each cries
While seeking all the time for some new pelf.
Old long past wrongs they use to justify
An ally whom they poison for his purse.
At other’s grief they’re never known to sigh
But just moan that they have themselves fared worse.
These folk deformed and twisted up with hate
Could cast a shadow dark upon our fate!

© T.Morgan 2018

I was reminded of this by “Skin in the Game” by Nassim Taleb