When Auntie Died

Not all I write is based on any personal experience. 
In a narrative it is necessary to get inside a character and their feelings!
Novelists can be good at this, it is a part of their skill set. Narrative verse must have this capacity if it is to succeed!


When Aunty Died

I felt a kiss upon my cheek,
Her ghost it then was gone.
I felt no urge to move nor speak
And neither was I wan.

My Aunty was no longer here,
About me people wept,
Yet she had lived so long in fear
And now at last she slept.

Her face that once was drawn and grey,
That showed such signs of pain,
Seemed peaceful now on this calm day,
With no more lines of strain.

I’d felt her last breath on my cheek,
Her spirit then was gone.
She’d found the light we all might seek,
It seemed to me she shone.

© Trevor Morgan 12 April 2006