Narcissus Flowers

It is a shame that such a dainty early spring flower, the Narcissus should be associated with Narcissism.  Narcissists are a real pain in the backside and are dangerous folk to be around, so unlike this lovely flower.


Narcissus Flowers

Down there by where the small stream flows
It’s damp and shady too.
That’s where the wild Narcissus shows
Its sunny yellow hue.

Its face looks down t’wards the ground
Its leaves all look upright;
There bumble bees will buzz around
Through dappled rays of light.

So seeming shy it flowers there
Within the semi-shade.
Narcissus does not have a care,
Nor debts that must be paid.

Narcissus is a flower, that’s all,
Within a habitat
And sorrow does not come to call;
For flowers don’t feel that.

If pain and sorrow is in us,
We can’t externalise.
Plants aren’t a part of all our fuss,
In time we may be wise.

From: Tale of Aethelwulf of Lyng,   2016