Suns and Moons

The T’ang poet Li Bai loved to write about moons and about moon shadow. I know how he felt and how changing light can influence composition.

Suns and Moons

The rising of the sun
A brilliant orange sky
Now this long day’s begun
You tremble and you cry

The passage of the sun
From dawn through to midday
With journey that’s half done
It carries on its way

Noon sun in late July
The light and humid heat
Shimmer before the eye
When cool drinks are a treat

Noon sun in December
A bright light without heat
It’s a cooling ember
A brilliant lurid cheat

The passage of the sun
It’s run to west from east
So soon each day is done
And we’ll sit down to feast

The setting of the sun
A vivid ruddy sky
The long night has begun
But there’s no need to cry

The rising of the moon
That’s presaged by its glow
Its full disk is seen soon
What secret will it show?

The passage of the moon
Her sensuous glowing face
Like some foretelling rune
There’s glory in her grace

The moon’s shrunk to a crescent
A gentle subtle glow
With honeysuckles scent
All stress may fade and go

The moon has waxed to full
A fulsomeness of grace
It has a mystic pull
Reflecting light from space

The passage of the moon
From moonrise to moonset
It’s glow may go quite soon
But there is no regret

The setting of the moon
The dying of it’s light
The depths of darkness soon
The stars a glorious sight



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