Extract from a tale about Norse invaders

I have written a lot of tales in verse about our history between the years 410 and 1065, the so called “Anglo-Saxon” period.

This is a sample:

From the tale of the half Dane child


Ingvar’s Prayer to Odhinn

“What has been done can’t be undone
The dead are with Dark Lady Hel
There are great wars that must be won
Odhinn you’ve shown me this full well!

Guide me in all the fights ahead
Guide every arrow from my bow
Help me to leave these Christians dead
Help me destroy this loathsome foe

Show me good Odhinn all the ways
That we may fight these wicked swine
I promise you through all my days
I’ll sacrifice them as a sign

They have their symbols and their creeds
For everywhere they bring their cross
May I now show them by my deeds
That theirs will be the greater loss

If their lands should fall to your might
I swear that I’ll Blood-Eagle kings
I pray you will enjoy that sight
That special joy that vengeance brings”

He “cut an eagle on the back”
Of Edmund now a Saint
Nowhere was safe from his attack
Vengeance knows no restraint

He waged his wars across the land
With guile and with speed
His every battle was well planned
He made the Christians bleed

The Norn accepted Odhinn’s deed
Was passive for a while
But she would sow another seed
For she had much more guile

Now Ingvar was a mortal man
His time came and he died
All men may only live their span
At his death no one cried!


The wrongs of righteousness

As men go out to right each wrong
Then new wrongs they will do
The weak may well become the strong
But vengeance can’t be true

The righteousness of those wronged men
Will simmer deep inside
And will do much injustice when
It gets puffed up with pride

To justify each brand new wrong
Old wrongs are pointed to
Then vengeance will career along
And has so much to do

Some hungers cannot be fulfilled
Past wrongs can’t be put right
It matters not how each gets killed
In each new pointless fight

Before men seek to right a wrong
They may wish to refrain
New enemies may soon grow strong
And cycles they repeat again



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