The sufferings of the 96 and their kith and kin



The South Yorkshire Police Force will now stand accused of Criminal Conspiracy.  This is not surprise to me.  They were rotten to the core and may they now be prosecuted for their many crimes.

Spirals of the Liars and the lies

“These perjurers so full of glee
All sneered there in the box
Their victims now would not seem free
And each fop fibs and mocks

These gutless monsters sup on blood
Schemed each new bag of lies
But ended mired in filth and mud
And never won the prize

Their victims then in time were free
And liars know cloying fear
When perjurers would lose all glee
As Truth lurks ever near

The winds of change are seeming strange
Old ways now sink below
Whilst Fate she seems to rearrange
As Truth brings falsehood low

Then Lies and Truth will clash head on
That one may cease to be
If Hope returns then few are wan
And some may be set free

Each artless, pointless scheming one
Finds no more glut of gore
As all is lost and none is won
New sneaks may come to fore

New perjurers will perjure then
New victims may go down
There seems a glut of wicked men
Each of such low renown”

© Trevor Morgan 2016


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