Sorties Away

Long time ago I was in the operations room of a carrier as she turned into the wind and launched a whole squadron of her aircraft.  As a radar operator I tracked them until they went below our radar horizon.  Strange something as mighty as a carrier has to turn into the wind to launch a strike.  This is predictable and ought to make them vulnerable, but they operate within a screen of escorts that are needed to protect them.

Sorties away

Carriers turned into the wind
In distant deep wide seas
And now because some fools had sinned
The world is out of ease

And sortie after sortie went
To deal a hammer blow
With a resolve that won’t relent
They’re sent to cause more woe

The carrion of the deep will feed
Upon much mortal flesh
And madness will not yet recede
We’re all caught in its mesh

Carriers turned back on their course
Their sorties are away
But actions done without remorse
May cause yet more dismay


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