Gentle Justice

I never did much like the death penalty. Our system of trials are such that the Innocent can be found guilty and the Guilty found innocent


Gentle Justice

Release the toxins in my vein
Or let me loose to sin again
It’s all the waiting that’s the strain

Is it unusual punishment
Where all this vengeance won’t relent
Then sent to Hell by States Hell sent

And so press gentle on my vein
And do be tender – give no pain
My Ghost may visit here again

You may not have the strongest will
To withstand ghosts who wish you ill
So let me go content and still

Then let the muscles of my heart
Beat Oh, so fast, they’re off the chart
Then fade and fail and not restart

Let oxygen not reach my brain
Eroding all the joy and pain
Then wait awhile with yet more strain

This punishment’s so cruel and queer
The last thing heard through fading ear
Are sneering guards who start to cheer

Injecting thought to be “… more kind”
Than noose or bullet from behind
Or sparks that smell of bacon rind

Toxins make a more tidy scene
For smells and fluids are obscene
So gentle justice is supreme

© Trevor Morgan 19.9.2003


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