Fundemental nonsense

Debate can be a waste of breath


Now fundamental Zealots will
Cause folly and cause shocks.
Believing in creation still
They argue with old rocks.

They say all fossils have been formed
In just ten thousand years.
As well as methods too unsound;
They’ve stuffed wax in their ears.

All fossils in the rock and mud,
Those dinosaurs and birds,
Were caused by only that one flood;
They won’t be swayed by words.

Geologists should all beware
Religious zeal and ire.
Zealots with their glassy stare
May burn them in a fire!

© Trevor Morgan 17 October 2003

Winds of Change

Change is in the air and everywhere. Some may be for the good but not all I fear

Winds of Change

“Whirling and swirling in patterns so strange,
The dust out of doors is dancing about.
This is not the same as strange winds of change
That make things once certain now feel full of doubt.
The future is scarce like such swirlings of dust,
For it’s in no way as easy to see.
Yet each in their time must do as they must.
This now it seems is the way things ought be;
Who is secure then when old realms decline,
When problems abound and times become hard?
Beneath the dark cloud who sees the sun shine?
Like dust and like dirt outside in the yard,
Now, oft times we see such swirlings of hate
When fleet winds of change are beckoned by Fate.”

From: “Children of Gewis” a work in progress

1400 Rapes and no response

Over long years gangs of Muslim men systematically groomed and then raped and gang raped over 1400 girls in Rotherham.  When some of these girls got up the courage to complain, despite threats of violence, they were denied justice by both the local Police and Social Services.   The children of Rotherham had become the Children of Despair.  The perpetrators constant response has been to accuse all complainants of “racism”.  This is wearing a little thin now, for in reality they are the racists, for their victims were from the white community, from those they would call “Kuffar”, those they despise.  Fortunately with prosecutions and long jail sentences being handed down perhaps things may be beginning to turn around.


The Children of Despair

The ancient peoples are long gone
They loved the Dawn’s soft glow.
Now children of Despair all wan
Bring down dark clouds of woe

Where once a fort adorned a vale
The Sun rose to the East
The Guardians at that gate would fail
And welcome in the Beast

Depravity has many a guise
Displaying much false trust
Deceits that cheat the weak and wise
And hide foul loathsome lust

With coils like pythons some caress
All driven on by greed
They will ignore all sad distress
As they stick to a creed

Each sad maid saw a smiling face
She had seemed so alone
Ah, ignorance so touched by Grace
The Dove of Love had flown

With words that were so seeming kind
Dark Daemons wove each net
Betrayers how they blind the mind
For Love’s not what you get

Sweet smiles are but a stock in trade
With sugar words as well
Manipulated and betrayed
By Daemons out of Hell

At first each child felt such a glow
A thirst for love so sweet
But how was each dear child to know
How words and smiles may cheat

How good that first caress would feel
It thrilled like nothing could
Deceivers like some slimy eel
Made evil deeds seem good

The coils of the beast wrapped round
Each Child they could ensnare
A town becomes unholy ground
Where Councils do not care

The strong they ought care for the weak
And hear when victims cry
Not slap them down and leave them bleak
Then live their haughty lie

A Champion came who seemed so true
A dark Knight of deceit
The Loyal if they only knew
This too would be a cheat

The Hopeless oh, how they had hoped
A Champion clothed in Red
Was here to help them all to cope
But this Hope soon lay dead

False Nemesis she rose and froze
She froze in disbelief
How could such deeds be done by those
Who seemed to show true grief?

Deception is both craft and art
The false may seem so true
The lewd and low may act a part
That’s how this cancer grew

They hide safe in their neighbourhoods
And “Racists” are accursed
Where villains claim false victimhood
They’ve still not done their worst

Disciples of a creed of greed
False trust has hid lewd lust
Forlorn Hopes here were left to bleed
With Love dead in the dust

The smiling serpent of the East
Out there beyond the gate
That villainy that has not ceased
Was not brought neigh by Fate

No happenstance nor random chance
Had beckoned these knaves neigh
Where ruling fools were in a trance
The raped were left to cry

They sighed and cried and sought for aid
Made statements to Police
Instead of aid they were inveighed
Despair found no release

Accused of being too “racist”
When they cry out for aid
The weak here they cannot resist
For they are being betrayed

Innocents stand accused of lies
Of lies and crimes of Hate
And cold hearts did not hear their sighs
Deaf are the ‘Good and Great’

Deceits like waters dark and deep
All treacherous dank and slow
Tween slippery banks so wet and steep
Leave some to drown in woe

Now let no more these children sigh
When comes the time to Act
May Justice soon hold her Blade high
Divide what’s False from Fact

Let dark cell doors then close and hide
Where rapists all ought dwell
Long years may they stay scared “inside”
Locked in a living hell.

Most prisoners are a varied crew
Hard men who do their time
Oh, paedophiles how they hate you
And loath Your nasty crime

They’ll view you as a slimy creep
And harm you when they can
Knees in the groin will make you weep
And leave you bare a man.

Then children here like those long past
Warmed by the sun’s sweet glow
May find their own true loves at last
And leave behind sad woe

© Trevor Morgan 30/11/2015