The Mighty Sultan

Some like to lead from the front but not all…

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The Mighty Sultan

Indolent Sultan of Egypt
Would like to be killing his foes
That’s when he wasn’t on the toilet
Or discretely blowin’ his nose.
He’d need a break for his breakfast,
Another for biscuits and tea.
He couldn’t do a jot when smokin’ his pot;
First things must come first – Don’t you see?
The hareem would give him more stress
As he slaved there by day and by night
And it caused him yet more distress
With all those wars there to fight.
DUTY it carries such burdens,
KINGS carry their burdens in style.
When hordes invaded his borders,
Invading right over the Nile,
He gave magnanimous orders,
He gave them with such a coy smile.
“The army must take ship upstream
And fight to the very last man
My duty’s here in the hareem
I’ll think of you whenever I can”

© T Morgan 1999

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