Kiss of Caiaphas[1]

I have had to deal with some real charmers in my time.

Kiss of Caiaphas[1]

“There are those who can get such bliss
In filth and stink and mire
Foul Caiaphas he gave his kiss
With passion and with ire

You see he had a tortured brain
And had to scheme and plan
His pleasure was in giving pain
To God’s dear Son of Man

His like they always act the sneak
In any way they may
This is because at heart they’re weak
And that’s the way they’ll stay

There’s work though for their cravenness
To give their spite release
Oh, how they strut with wantonness
And take away God’s peace

Dark souls find cruelty brings strange joy
In this there’s little new
As they dream up each plot and ploy
They find there’s much to do

Though some may wear a purple gown
And strut and pose and preen
And smile at things where good men frown
Yet Wyrd stays unforeseen.

The over proud may be sanguine
There’s folly when headstrong
The violated may have kin
Whose memories will be long

The proud with bloated self-esteem
In time may face dark Fate
As others plan and others scheme
Driven be stark hate

Beware of all of those you wrong
They may well stalk you down
Beneath dark hate so foul and strong
Your soul may slowly drown

Beware those whom you violate
They will remember you
For you’ll have taught them how to hate
In this there’s little new

For vengeance runs in cycles here
And crimes they have a price
With vengeance all may dwell in fear
For vengeance is the vice

And if you’ve acted with dark spite
You’ve nothing left to save
Your widow seems a poignant sight
As foes piss in your grave

Foul Caiaphas he gave his kiss
With passion and with ire
Many are those who seek some bliss
In filth and stink and mire”

[1] Inspired by lines in Oscar Wilde’s “Ballad of Reading Jail”

I know it was not Caiaphas who kissed Christ in the Garden but this is okay with me as the Ballad is superb