The art of the sonnet

I dislike free verse as I see it as prose and nothing more. I worked hard at learning to compose formally structured poetry. First I worked on ballads and then on the sonnet form. The following is a sample:

The stillness by the stream

The lowland brook meandered oh, so slow
A crow stood on a rock there in midstream
With listlessness those waters onward flow
And all about is hazy like some dream
When mists disperse they leave a clear blue sky
All seems just like a calm before a gale
When undisturbed the blackbird makes no cry
And willows hang all limp and seeming frail
The jay seems statue like on her oak bough
As eerie silence echoes all around
Time seems to freeze, eternity is now!
Until that is there is a distant sound
Far off a heron calls all sad and wan
The spell is broke the flow of time moves on

© Trevor Morgan

From “Cerdic Tal” a work in progress