Control or destroy

Many times in my life I have come across psychopathic control monsters.  Most have worn business suits and exuded a sort of oozing charm.  At core the need for control comes from a total inability to understand just what human empathy actually is and to engage in it.  These days I never try to use reason with such a mind set.  Keeping a safe distance is really the only thing to do!



In souls of those here
Who have never known joy
The motive is clear
And as for the few
Who may get in their way
Their spite will be true
For opponents – “…must pay !”
They’ll pay out in blood
Or carry false blame
Or be trod in the mud
Or lose a good name
They’ll pay out in hurt
As they’re trapped by a lie
They’ll be treated like dirt
And some – “…have to die !”
And yet for those few
One sure thing is true
They’ll never know Joy !

© T Morgan 31.1.2003


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