Hypatia and a Library Lost


Just one book then was held in worth
As Knowledge was snuffed out
Great Darkness was cast on the Earth
And Faith replaced True Doubt

The flames they licked a Library roof
Philosophy lay dead
Henceforth none need to seek for Truth
Folk follow where fools led

Pure Faith it seemed it lacked a heart
A Bishop was obeyed
Hypatia she was torn apart
By monks in some tirade

Smoke curled up there into the sky
The light of learning gone
Here none now need to question “why”
Where once great wisdom shone

The ashes of the books are lost
Across that arid land
A thousand years would bear the cost
Was this what God had planned?

The followers of the God who says
To us “thou shalt not kill”
Gave to us all those long dark days
When science would stand still

So many books from long ago
Are gone forevermore
And all that’s lost now none may know
So much that’s gone before

Hypatia had not fawned upon
The foibles of some fools
So where such light had brightly shone
A land got ruled by Ghouls.

Yes, knowledge can get wiped away
Lost to the future years
With darkness growing in our day
Blind Faith now casts new fears

© Trevor Morgan, 2013