Sinking and Arising

A lonely soul screeched out aloud
Within a lonely mind
A lonely psyche wept alone
It seemed the soul was blind

An aching heart grieved in the shade
The mind became quite lost
A raging wrath had its tirade
The spirit bore the cost

Great monsters rose within the id
They loomed across all things
The haunted id it fled and hid
Yet still a faint Hope sings

That Hope there in its lonely glades
Stood up against all woes
And slowly rose up from the shades
To face the phantom foes

A timid soul ceased to decline
Within a healing mind
An injured psyche saw a sign
It was a precious find

As healing hearts no longer ache
What’s lost may yet be found
All wrath has left within its wake
A sight of firmer ground

The monsters faded from the id
And inside things were still
All terror from the spirit fled
A warmth rose mid the chill

As upward once-harmed souls may go
They rise from out the dirt
For Hopes can spread their warming glow
That heals what may be hurt

(From the Saga of the Sorrowful)


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