Of the Dawn


The rising of the sun
Upon another day
New races to be run
As all do what they may

Cold winds along the shore
A turquoise coloured sky
With this and so much more
Lost is the urge to cry

This glorious new sunrise
The sky both pink and blue
Is now sweet to the eyes
It’s time now to renew

The sunrise does seem slow
Above this calm blue sea
Though none may ever know
Just what is going to be

The chill lights of the dawn
The new day that is here
The old hopes are reborn
Slow kindles some new cheer

The sun’s now in the sky
Still low there in the East
With eyes that are now dry
Not all the pain has ceased

Still fragile is the soul
As some scars do run deep
You’ve climbed out of that hole
And there’s less need to weep

Some burdens are still there
But Dawn now lights the sky
A new day’s in the air
The urge now comes – to try

To try to start anew
To take up life once more
This Dawn – a lovely view
Though life’s not like before

Before the pain and hurt
Before the harm that’s done
You’ve got up from the dirt
Renewed by Dawn’s cool sun

(From The Saga of Aelfrede and Gudrum )


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