The Imp


The imp put on his old disguise
His followers fawned about
They saw him as all good and wise
Their minds were purged of doubt

“You trust in me – Mine is the Word
The only word that’s true
Allow no others to be heard
For I will think for you

And those who will not bow the knee
Nor do all that I say
Nor offer only prayers to me
Must all be made to pay

The purity within your faith
May be cleansed with each death”
This fetid wafting wicked wraith
Paused then to take a breath

“I am all mercy and so kind
So you must kill for me
Enthralled I will enchant your mind
So go and kill – the free”

Now many imps they have deceived
As oafs hear what they preach
The widows and the orphans grieve
And Hope’s put out of reach

And yet in time each imp is slayed
When good folk rally round
And all their oafs who fawned and preyed
Lay dead and in the ground

Round here the flags of truth hung limp
And nothing’s as it seems
As down the alter of the imp
Good blood flows in great streams

(From the Saga of the Spiteful)

Passion and Intellect


The passion and the intellect
The two sides of the soul
And without the two of them
None of us are whole
The passion drives our lust and rage
Our love and tenderness
The intellect is part the sage
But would give no caress

The dark side of our passions are
The raging heat of hate
The intellect is worse by far
Like damp cold hands of fate
Our better passions urge us on
To giving and true grace
Our intellect is dragged along
Just slightly out of place

The bright side of our intellect
That spark that is true thought
Gives to us when we least expect
New themes we’ve not been taught
Like then, when oh, so long ago
As sitting in his bath
Old Aristotle felt its glow
Ran naked down the path

The soul that’s driven to the dark
In passion and in thought
May do those deeds so cold and stark
That conscience stands for nought
Some murderers and kings who win
Are cold and dark inside
The one is known for all his sin
The other’s puffed with pride

Those saintly ones whose hearts are pure
Invite the blows of rage
They seem to hold a sweet allure
Their deaths fill history’s page
It may be good to help the weak
Be good not to strike out
There may be risk to those who speak
Where bigots stalk about

The passion and the intellect
The two poles of the soul
In balance, then, the two of them
Make all of us quite whole
With passion we may lust and rage
Or show much tenderness
The intellect is part the sage
But gives no warm caress

(From Saga of Aelfrede and Gudrum)

Able Seaman White (dec’d)

Able seaman Williams used to swap duty watches with able seamen White. On one of the occasions, Able Seamen White was killed. The memories of this are still with ex-able seaman Williams and still give him sad dreams and sleepless nights.

As the stars in the firmament gleam
In the arch of the sky of the night
There comes the repeated sad dream
Of a dead able seaman called White

I sat up with a jerk in the night
Saw a man that I’d seen long before
The ghost of the seaman called White
Who died by a rock pool by the shore

And he called me again by my name
Like he’d done many times here before
The same words he then said again
He had said before going ashore

“I must thank you for what you have done
Because really it does mean a lot”
He’d wanted to walk in the sun
And he just didn’t know he’d be shot

And his star in the firmament gleams
In the velvety darkness of night
For he still exists in my dreams
Does that dead able seaman called White

At long distance there through a gun’s sight
He was seen as he stood by the shore
A bullet was launched on its flight
And he felt a slight jar – nothing more

The sensation was then receding
Though all seemed like it had been before
He wondered who could be bleeding
All that blood by the pool by the shore

Now in life he had drawn the short straw
There was little more of him to tell
Red coloured the pool by the shore
As he lay where he staggered and fell

Now the stars in the firmament gleam
In the inky dark blackness of night
For he’s long sapped my self-esteem
Has that dead able seaman called White

Sun was bright as his day had grown dim
When he lay there in it’s bright light
As darkness closed in around him
And his day had been turned into night

I remember that man here before
How he fell from the shot of a gun
Right there by the pool by the shore
Where he died in the tropical sun

I remember the man of his name
Swapping duties with me just before
A gunner had taken his aim
Where I should have stood by the shore

And his star in the firmament gleams
As his ghost comes to visit at night
And he talks to me in my dreams
That forgotten dead seaman called White

Yes in life he had drawn the short straw
But his story is being retold
Red colours the pool by the shore
In the dreams of a man who’s grown old

He say’s “Thank you for what you have done
And I swear that it does mean a lot.
That I have now got me someone,
Yes – got someone – who has not forgot.”

Now the night’s long and sleepless once more
All the stars in the firmament gleam
Waves lap by the pools by the shore
When not sleeping I don’t have to dream


Sinking and Arising

A lonely soul screeched out aloud
Within a lonely mind
A lonely psyche wept alone
It seemed the soul was blind

An aching heart grieved in the shade
The mind became quite lost
A raging wrath had its tirade
The spirit bore the cost

Great monsters rose within the id
They loomed across all things
The haunted id it fled and hid
Yet still a faint Hope sings

That Hope there in its lonely glades
Stood up against all woes
And slowly rose up from the shades
To face the phantom foes

A timid soul ceased to decline
Within a healing mind
An injured psyche saw a sign
It was a precious find

As healing hearts no longer ache
What’s lost may yet be found
All wrath has left within its wake
A sight of firmer ground

The monsters faded from the id
And inside things were still
All terror from the spirit fled
A warmth rose mid the chill

As upward once-harmed souls may go
They rise from out the dirt
For Hopes can spread their warming glow
That heals what may be hurt

(From the Saga of the Sorrowful)

Spoiled Children

The spoiled child may rant
The spoiled child may scream
Spoiled men are underhand
And they will plot and scheme

The spoiled man must win
The spoiled man must rule
No matter how they sin
No matter they’re a fool

From ranting through to schemes
From screaming through to reigns
They’ll trample on your dreams
And get joy from your pains

They’re psychopaths within
And they were made that way
When parents just gave in
To have an easy day

When spoiled children rant
When spoiled children rage
It’s time to say, “You can’t”
Don’t make them centre stage.

(From the Saga of Child Aethelwulf)


The vagaries of time and place
The randomness of chance
The memories I can’t erase
You bring back with a glance

The thoughts I think and do not feel
The feelings without thought
That make the mind revolve and reel
You cause by doing nought

LOVE (1)

Of the Dawn


The rising of the sun
Upon another day
New races to be run
As all do what they may

Cold winds along the shore
A turquoise coloured sky
With this and so much more
Lost is the urge to cry

This glorious new sunrise
The sky both pink and blue
Is now sweet to the eyes
It’s time now to renew

The sunrise does seem slow
Above this calm blue sea
Though none may ever know
Just what is going to be

The chill lights of the dawn
The new day that is here
The old hopes are reborn
Slow kindles some new cheer

The sun’s now in the sky
Still low there in the East
With eyes that are now dry
Not all the pain has ceased

Still fragile is the soul
As some scars do run deep
You’ve climbed out of that hole
And there’s less need to weep

Some burdens are still there
But Dawn now lights the sky
A new day’s in the air
The urge now comes – to try

To try to start anew
To take up life once more
This Dawn – a lovely view
Though life’s not like before

Before the pain and hurt
Before the harm that’s done
You’ve got up from the dirt
Renewed by Dawn’s cool sun

(From The Saga of Aelfrede and Gudrum )

Silly Sharks

I wonder if sharks would find these limericks amusing. I’m guessing they would. Silly humans.

Hammer Head
A Shark with a head like a hammer
Never did have too much glamour
If you come into view
It will try to eat you
It’s enough to give you a stammer

Great White
A Shark that is big and white
Is famed for the size of it’s bite
For if it bit you
You could be cut in two
Then you would be in a plight

Reef Sharks
There’s Sharks that inhabit this reef
That really could cause you much grief
If you swim in their sea
They’ll eat you – for free
So your swim will be very brief

Laughing shark

The Slightest Breeze

A bit of warmth in our winter chill; grateful for relief from the extremes.
(From the Saga of Aelfrede and Gudrum)

Aspen leaves will quiver
Here on the slightest breeze
Their dance seems to deliver
A gentle sense of ease

Cooling winds in August
Throughout this long hot day
Each gentle little gust
Will bring relief our way

These leaves that seem to dance
In each soft gentle breeze
Give to circumstance
A gentle sense of ease

Nature’s Laws

In the dark corners of February, the mind wanders to raw and brutal splashes of light…


Nature’s Laws

Bird pecks at ants upon the ground
It does not hear the silent bound
As in the heat of the midday
Wild cat is pouncing on its prey

Bird’s blood dripping from its jaws
Wild cat kills by nature’s laws

She tears the bird’s neck near in two
Not knowing she is in wolf’s view
And as the cat now turns away
She may herself become the prey

Saliva drips from its jaws
Wolves will live by nature’s laws

The wolf with strength and speed and might
Has come upon an easy fight
The cat, surprised, is caught off guard
Is in a fight deadly and hard

Blood still dripping from its jaws
Trapped cat fights by nature’s laws

Cat wounded in the first attack
Now lacks the power to fight back
Bleeding from its sides, eyes glaring
Hissing, spitting and claws tearing

Blood dripping from its jaws
Wolves must kill by nature’s laws

But as he’s closing in to kill
Wolf howls a scream loud long and shrill
Intent to kill he had not seen
The sun reflecting scales’ sheen

Poison dripping from its jaws
All snakes kill by nature’s laws

Toxins entering straight through a vein
Are taken swift to heart and brain
Wolf’s eyes are now clouding up
He slumps, heart failing, and gives up

Drool now dripping from its jaws
Wolf must die by nature’s laws

The snake rears up, its fangs are wet
Lethal things leak more poison yet
Cat freezes there all the while
Cornered by wolf and now reptile

Poison dripping from its jaws
Snakes may kill by nature’s laws

The cat though still for a long while
Instantly springs in feline style
Its teeth sink in the snake’s flat head
Skull shatters and the thing is dead

Cranial fluids wet its jaws
Wild cat kills by nature’s laws

The cat’s eyes are now clouding up
As its own wounds are welling up
It bleeds upon the arid land
And slumps and dies there in the sand

Drool now dripping from its jaws
Wild cat dies by nature’s laws

Whether it fights or when it flies
It’s Nature’s Law says when it dies
Some days later the four are found
As scattered bones just strewn around

Blood dripping from their jaws
Carrions feed by nature’s laws

Ants are scurrying on the sand
Gathering scraps from off the land
Birds peck at ants upon the ground
Do not hear the near silent sound …

With blood dripping from their jaws
Creatures kill by nature’s laws.