Moonlight On the Waters

*In honor of tonight’s Black Moon.*

Soft waters here lapped to and fro
They barely made a sound
The moonlight cast a gentle glow
As wavelets twirled around

Moon shadows cast an eerie shade
Across the lowland stream
That passed beyond the woodland glade
Where nothing there might gleam

The waters lapped along all dark
The blackness was complete
In dark alone all fear is stark
In soft light things seem sweet

But light may show what may lurk near
Reveal some awesome dread
That leads on to the rim of fear
And much there ends up dead

The stream came out into a field
The moon shone bright once more
Yet though it seemed things were revealed
The stream came to the shore

Its waters went into the sea
The moon shone there on high
The stream it had not ceased to be
For waters do not die

Moonlight was seen where it has shone
Reflecting its soft glow
It passes by and soon is gone
All in its time must go

Storm waters raged here to and fro
Their waves they made much sound
The new moon casts its softest glow
With oceans all around


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