Love Lies

There are two types of composition it seems. Some are crafted and worked on for years and never seem to be quite right. Others seem to write themselves in a trice and need no subsequent work. This one is still not quite right and will never be.  I may work on it some more one day but perhaps 32 years of tinkering is enough!

Loves Lies

Is Love in life a load of lies 
That dims the wits and scales the eyes
The way you once confused my so
Made it not clear to tell or know
Is Love itself a thing at all
To search for wonder shout and call
Or is but a willow wisp
We dream of yet does not exist
And though I say that I Love you
And though you say it to me too
Whilst each may hold the other dear
Great Loves can have no need to fear
When we can see no means to ends
It’s then that we can be good friends


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