New Hope

In deep shade ‘neath a gnarled old oak
There’s nothing can grow there
Like where you hanged the last of hope
And dwelled in deep despair

And crying and lamenting were
The only thing you knew
Until you turned yourself away
And sought for something new

You wandered into sunlit glades
And thought you caught a sight
You did not then return to shades
So dwell now in a light

The light that shines without, within
A new life can create
When you have found the will to win
Your pain it will abate

The light you have is called “new hope”
The darkness was despair
It held you like old hempen ropes
That vanished in clean air

New hopes are like a springtime leaf
That unfurls on warm days
Then time abates a forlorn grief
And new hopes shine their rays

This ballad was not composed in the conventional sense. It came to me complete and I wrote it down as fast as I could write. It is as if a Muse gave it to me.


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