Dream of a Sailor’s Soul

Written for Rememberance

Dream of a Sailor’s Soul

“My ghost appeared just like a dream
Upon a moonlit night
I came within a clear moonbeam
Appeared so clear and bright

My Moonbeam entered in and shone
Its light in my old room.
That lovely light it glistened on
My medals in the gloom.

There’s no alarms can call to arms
That man that once was me;
For I am now beyond all harms,
Since my soul was set free.

My bones they are beneath a stone
Near a chapel by the shore.
I am there but am not alone,
Near me are many more.

We did our duty in our time,
We stayed true to the end.
We fought our fight mid blood and grime:
Remember us my friend.

Memorials glisten in the sun,
The futures bright for you,
So, do accept what’s done is done
And to your dreams stay true.”

© Trevor Morgan, 13/6/2018

These orcs were invited in!

Not all migrants assimilate. Some become dangerous, destructive and must be fought and driven out. This has happened before.

The Invited Orcs (Herefordshire 1051)

New Orcs they were invited in,
They simpered much of ‘Peace’.
With souls so steeped in guile and sin
Deceits might never cease.

A new king like old Vortigern
Took in each every lie.
Ah, fools why can you never learn;
It’s through you many die.

The Rapes and Deaths each are excused,
Advisors face a gag.
And innocence it is abused
As old Orcs lie and brag.

Grim Reapers reap a bounteous crop,
Yet fools don’t understand.
Where fools have risen to the top;
The put at risk the land.

Yet Truth at end is not denied,
But that may come too late.
When by the grave sides many cried;
This was not down to Fate!

Yes fools they bring their own demise
Through folly all their own.
When they believe deceit and lies;
They lose their land and throne.

© Trevor Morgan, 25/4/19

Living a bad dream

Shore tree

Deception is the tool of elites.  Letting illusions replace real relationships in the minds of the many is more efficient than violent suppression.


Living a bad dream

Nothing here is as it seems
And as things seem just is not real.
Our freedoms were but flitting dreams
And it’s lawful now to steal.

To steal from many for the few,
That scoundrels now may have their way.
Lost Justice here is nothing new,
But soon may come the reckoning day.

Delusions now evaporate.
In truth we are but serfs here now;
Indifference can well turn to hate
And old serfs refuse to bow.

So thieving sneaks may soon be gone,
Yes, gone and sent off on their way.
When freedom’s light at last has shone;
The knaves will then be made to pay.

©Trevor Morgan, 2019

From: Streona the Greedy

Storm Waves

My first week at sea was in a storm. Threw my guts up all week and never been seasick since

Storm waves

Storm waves they rise up stark and steep
Upon the ocean dark and deep,
‘T is they that make the widows weep.

Storm tossed great ships careen and sway,
Like toy things for the Fates at play
And who’s to know this is their day?

Their day, when they are lost from sight,
Destroyed by Nature’s dreaded might,
In this there’s neither Hate nor Spite.

Though Nature has both power and Grace,
For each there is a time and place
To thrive or simply sink from trace.

Storm waves they rise up steep and stark
They tower up so grim and dark,
When storm tossed none may disembark!

Storm waves they throw ships to and fro
And what their Fate is none may know
When Nature’s might be here on show.
Will we reach home or sink below?

© Trevor Morgan, 14/4/2019

The Betrayal

The Betrayed
(Tune: My love is like a red, red rose)

We live beneath a grand pretence,
The rulers mock the ruled.
The mask has slipped so much makes sense
And now but few are fooled.

Let us end the strain and doubt,
See promises are kept;
Let us now throw deceivers out
For too long we have wept.

We wept to see this slow decline;
To see our proud land fall.
Let us throw out deceiving swine,
Rally to Freedom’s call!

We are not free when ruled through lies
But slaves of foul deceit;
So now it is that Freedom cries:
“Throw out each sneak and cheat”

We’ve lived beneath this grand pretence,
Where rulers mocked the ruled.
The mask has slipped now all makes sense;
We’re not here to be fooled!

Be gone now all of this deceit
“Throw out each sneak and cheat”

© Trevor Morgan, 14 April 2019

From: “The Children of Gewis”



Problems with prostates,

Problems with piles,

Problems in mouths

With toothless smiles,

Problems with skin;

But wrinkles it’s said

Are not such a bummer

As dropping down dead!

© Trevor Morgan, 1/3/2019


The sonnet.
I love the limitations and restrictions of the discipline required in writing a sonnet.
There may well be just so much pointless folly in this


He gazed upon a shipwreck and he saw it was his life
With all the bits of Hope along the shore;
For Fate it seems it likes to twist the knife,
A missed chance passed beyond him like before.
Ambition was in bits like much flotsam now;
Each little piece like what just might have been
Turned his beach to a sort of mess somehow;
This was a thing he wished he had not seen.
To seek to do good work leads but to a fall,
To strive with might and main a pointless thing,
like dreaming you achieve a clarion call,
It’s life, not death, that bears the poison sting.
The earth it spiralled on about the sun
This dying microbe grieved for things not done.

© T.Morgan 2014

New year thoughts 2014


In 2013 I had a heart attack and survived:-

2013, over now another year that brought its problems and was survived. This time it was a heart attack:

A New 2014

The dreadful year is over now at last
I seem now on the mend as is my Muse
Events move on, one danger now is passed.
But what’s ahead, who knows, to win, to lose?
With scars upon my heart but not my mind
Well not from those events of that one year
Events we know they come and are unkind
Yet where there’s danger there’s not always fear
There’s damage to my heart and yet it beats
And glad to say I know I’m not alone
For Fear comes from the thoughts of what’s unknown
And Death is known to me with its conceits
In time I know he always has his way
Till then I live to read and write each day